On July 25th, 2014 this man, Eusebio Nunez was last seen at 10:00am at his business in Truckee, California. He has not been seen since then. My uncle was last seen wearing this shirt and pants. Attached is also the car he was driving that day. There’s reason to believe that he may have been kidnapped so please if anybody has seen or heard anything about him contact the police right away. My whole family is devastated. Every single day my cousins go around the town looking for him or his car and it breaks my heart every night they come home empty handed. The cops are involved and informed us that his last call that went through his phone was made in Boca, not too far from Truckee. He is a great son, husband, father, and uncle. He wouldn’t leave his family without at least an explanation. We all want him back home and safe. So please if anybody has information of his whereabouts contact Truckee police at 530-550-2323  or Tahoe City police at 530-581-6307. All I ask is if anybody can reblog this and give it a signal boost.

Hey guys,

I was hoping that you guys could please reblog this for me. My uncle is missing and we just want him back home safe. Thank you.


Reblogging again just in case he still isn’t home !

Que vengan mil, que te sigo eligiendo a ti.
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